Saturday, 27 October 2012

River Rea; Cannon Hill Park - Cartland Road

This walk is a pleasant route from Cannon Hill Park back towards Cartland Road. There is the familiar route marker near the lake, and the path leads away past a play area and a small field. The river is on the right of this path. This section is tarmacked and very popular with cyclists.

Along the way, there are bridges over the river, and also small areas that look like old crossing points. It is possible to go to the waters edge but some of the bricks are worn so be careful!

The path branches off in a fork - going up the path on the left takes you to Moor Green and King's Heath. The path to the right takes you along the river towards Stirchley.

The road suddenly stops, and you need to cross a bridge to continue the walk. The river is now on your left, and there is open fields to your right. I never knew this was here, it was quite a surprise when I came across this sign! Another of the 150 or so mills used to stand on this site; Moor Green Mill was a blade sharpening mill, powered by the water from the river.

At Kitchener Road, you must leave the river and walk along the footpaths. This is a residential area and it is the main route, be aware of cars, cyclists, joggers etc. If you walk up this road, you will end up on the Pershore Road. If you take a left onto Cecil Road, you will come out at the end of Dogpool Lane (another mill stood here). Take a left, and cross the road. Just before Dads Lane Chippy, there is a path, and this is the River Rea route again.

The route now follows a simple path, also fully tarmacked, through to Cartland Road. You can continue your walk on the other side of the road or you can detour into Stirchley and visit their newest residents!

Heron :)

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  1. Watch out for the kingfisher along this stretch. Makes my day when I catch a glimpse of his colours!