Monday, 3 December 2012

Canal Walk; University to Stirchley

This walk heads south, from the University of Birmingham to Stirchley, along the Worcester and Birmingham Canal. The walk took me about an hour. This route is popular with cyclists and joggers so be prepared to move aside!

I joined the canal via a hole in a wall, near to University railway station (building on the left).

The canal towpath goes over a new bridge that was built as part of the new relief road work. The cross winds up here are quite powerful!!!

At the Selly Oak Railway Bridge, on the left hand side, a graffiti-ed wall can be seen. This is the start of a railway bridge - I'm not sure if it was ever used, but it would have taken the railway in the direction of Harborne.

Towards the end of the walk, you go past the back of the Cadbury factory! Sundays are Dairy Milk days ;-)

This was a really pleasant walk to do on my way home from work on a lazy sunny Sunday! The canal carries on from Stirchley towards King's Norton Junction, but I decided to leave the path here.


  1. The "selly Oak" bridge was the original railway bridge that served the Midland Railway's Birmingham West Suburban Railway line.

    The "new" bridge replaced it in the late 70's


    1. No it didn't it was replaced in the 1930's.