Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Edgbaston, seen from Millenium Green

I badly codged this together on MS Paint sometime in January after going for a walk around Kings Norton and The Fields, Millenium Green. I found a gap in the trees and was quite shocked at how far I could see! I have highlighted a few key localities on the top photo, and the map at the bottom shows it is ~4 miles as the crow flies between the edge of the city boundary and the QE hospital. Not bad, eh!


  1. I'm always amazed at how far away you can see the QE from. We were looking at it from the Licky Hills the other day, we can see it quite clearly from our back garden and the school playground too. It's such a visible and easily recognisable building.

  2. Kings Norton Library are running a local history project on the Hawkesley, Primrose and Pool Farm. Can you contact the library on kings.norton.library@birmingham.gov.uk as your photographs of the area are brilliant and are of huge importance considering the change the area is currently undergoing. Thank you.