Friday, 15 June 2012

Birmingham's Parks

I read a little while ago that Birmingham has over 500 parks. I didn't believe this.

The other day, continuing my love of playing with different layers on Google Earth, I took these two screengrabs. The first is a zoomed out shot of Brum, with roads. The green outlined things are parks & golf courses, or at least the ones big enough to be seen. The second screengrab is the same view, sans roads, but with labels to help you find your nearest park, in the broadest sense. You may be better off looking at your local area map!

Click for bigger. Screengrabs taken June 8th.

It's actually a surprise seeing this much green space in our City. I knew of quite a few.. West Heath, Kings Heath, Cannon Hill, Cotteridge, Kings Norton parks etc., but I never imagined this many.

Who wants to join me in a mission to visit them all?!

L x

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