Saturday, 9 June 2012

Daffodil Walk, Tessall Lane

I’ve always called this walk along the river ‘Daffodil Walk’, but it may be more commonly called Daffodil Park. It is situated in Northfield, at the Longbridge end, and the path starts at Tessall Lane down by the Austin Social Club. I can remember playing, walking and generally exploring this park area when I was little with my brother and sister, and then in my teenage years cotching under the bushes to smoke some rather illegal stuff. Anyhoooo…!

This patch of parkland forms part of the National Cycle Route 5 and follows part of the River Rea as it flows north. It is well used by the public, either as a quiet, suburban-country-esque walking route or for other activities. On my walk I saw a few joggers and dog walkers. It is a level route, and has a tarmacked path so it suitable for wheelchair users, and there are grassy areas to allow kids/animals to run around!

Daffodil Park is so called as this flower was grown here in quantities for commercial use.

If you’re looking for a nice, gentle, quiet walking route in Northfield, this could be the one. Despite being a stone’s throw from the railway, Kalamazoo and the Bristol Road, it is so peaceful along this route, and (aside from the building work nearby) the only things you can really here is the babbling brook (the River Rea) and the birds. The route takes you past a newish residential development, and then brings you out by the Lion Bridge! (See how it's all connected? Clever eh?)

There is an information panel part way down the route; it could do with a clean-up. This is what it looked like when I walked the route:

This route is close to public transport links and there is no parking available. It is also behind a residential area – please respect this. Also, please remember to take your rubbish with you – there are a few bins but not many. This is a wildlife corridor, and there is a river running through it. If you have kids, be mindful of this. Also, the banks can be very slippy after rainfall.

To get here, you can take the train on the cross-city route to Longbridge. Take a right out of the station, and turn right again down Tessall Lane. Follow the road, cross the small bridge at the end and the park is opposite. The tarmacked path is further down, and has a totem pole marking it. You can also use the bus: the 63 from Rubery/Birmingham stops up by the job centre on the Bristol Road. Walk down Tessall Lane, Daffodil Park is on the left. The 49 and 45 buses stop by Longbridge railway station.

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Bonus Pics:

All pics were taken by me, June 7th. Feel free to nick 'em; they are also on Flickr. Click for bigger!

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