Saturday, 29 September 2012

Rednal Tram Terminus

The Rednal Tram Terminus is exactly as the name suggests; a terminus for the old Birmingham tram network! Trams used to come down the Bristol Road from the City Centre and take people to the Lickey Hills in Bromsgrove for their holidays. The old terminus building is still standing. Use has changed over the years from public toilets to varying restaurants (it is now a Cantonese takeaway).

Around the back of the building, there is a section of old cobbled street, and inlaid in the cobbles are two sections of track, which come to a point at one end. These are the remains of the tram tracks! Some of the cobbles are covered with grass but most of it is uncovered. There are no signs telling you what these are, which I think is a shame. The other end of the tram lines is in the city centre, by the Gas Hall.


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  2. As I was born in rednal moved away then in my much later life returned I have become much more interested in its history and geographical importance.
    One question I cannot find an answer for is regarding the remaining length of tram track at lickey hills tram terminal.
    The building adjacent to them which is a restaurant is of listed status. Are the tram tracks protected by listed status to make sure they remain for future generations.