Saturday, 15 September 2012

Walking for Heritage; The Custard Factory

The Custard Factory is the next location on the Walking for Heritage route. To get here, continue walking down Digbeth High Street, away from the city centre. The Custard Factory will be on your left. This blog follows on from the previous WfH post.

The Custard Factory is sometimes called the Devonshire Works, and was built in 1902 as a… custard factory! This was the home of Alfred Bird and his eggless custard powder. This grand building is now a complex of offices, galleries, independent shops and I believe a TV studio. It is also the home of my favourite bead shop!

Bird’s also produced baking powder and blancmange, and their custard powder is still used today.

The Custard Factory is the place to be for creative, arty types. The atmosphere there is very chilled out; people can wonder around, walk through it, browse the shops and get a bite to eat. The building exterior has been preserved (the letter box still exists in the wall!) and it is very grand and imposing.

The exterior of the Custard Factory, taken from an open top buz

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