Sunday, 9 September 2012

Walking for Heritage; Public Toilets!

I have included these on the blog purely as an attempt to show off.

Behind this billboard on the way down Digbeth High Street towards the Custard Factory, is an old block of public toilets! I only know this because it was on the telly a while ago on a programme called Grime Busters (I think, I may be wrong!) and some poor council guy had to go in wearing full PPE and breathing equipment to try and clear up all the pigeon poo!

The only hint at this being a toilet block is around the side (facing the High St) – the blue tiled wall gives it away.

The remains of these toilets can be seen on Digbeth High Street, as you walk from the HMV Institute towards the Custard Factory. You are now entering Deritend, possibly the oldest part of Birmingham.


  1. Wow! I always have a little moment of enjoyment regarding those tiles and how out-of-place-they seem, every time I walk past there. I've never actually known their origin before now.

    Great stuff. I do like this blog.

  2. It's always useful to know the location of a public toilet!

  3. Woohoo! The first confirmed case of someone learning something from this blog! ;)

    And Rhys - they're all closed off now, they were shut down years ago. Apparently some homeless folk used to bed down in there but then the pigeon and rat poo got too much (dangerous levels) so they shut it completely. Not sure if they're planning a refurb of them.