Tuesday, 17 July 2012

King's Norton Railway Station Footbridge

My mom mentioned one of the ladies at her work had seen some art on the footbridge over the railway tracks. I went to have a look. Amazing!

One side (by Adeela Ahmad of King's Norton Girls)

The other side (by Oliver Blackburn of King's Norton Boys)

Pretty neat, huh? A brief history of King's Norton and the Cotteridge area in a highly eye-catching form. A few people walked across the bridge whilst I was taking these photos, and they just didn't seem to notice it - such a shame. I think it's brilliant!

More photos are up on Flickr. All pics taken by me, on July 17th. Click for bigger.

I highly suggest you all go and take a look! The bridge can be accessed from Station Road, either by The Camp pub on Camp Lane or from Middleton Hall Road, or from the railway station itself - the bridge is at the far end of the tracks, away from the ticket office. Cotteridge is easily accesible by buses - the 11A/C, 47, 45, 18 and the 49 all stop here. There are steps on either side of this bridge and no lift/ramp access.

A small write up can be read here.

L x


  1. Is it new? I didn't see it when I was there a few months back. Looks worth a visit.

  2. Yep, must be - I hadn't seen, or heard of, this before two days ago! It is really good, much better than the pictures show.