Thursday, 5 July 2012

Stirchley Park

A hidden gem in the hectic concrete jungle that is Stirchley!

I think I’ve always known about Stirchley Park, but I just referred to it as ‘the patch of land behind the Co-Op’, and it would seem, so do a lot of people!

This little patch of green is indeed tucked behind the Co-Op and the houses of Bond Street, but with the river (I think it is the Bourne) running through it, the artwork on the walls and the grass area, it’s a pleasant little place. Considering the proximity to the main route into town, the Pershore Road, it’s also really quiet; a perfect little hide-away park.

It has also has a twitter feed!

L x

Pictures were taken by me, June 25th. Click for bigger. Feel free to nick 'em, they are up on Flickr, or, visit and take your own!

There is no parking, unless you use the Co-Op car park. There are two main entrances to the park, I used Hazelwell Street, near the post box, but you can also enter at the corner of Bond St/Ribblesdale Rd.

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