Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Park Street Graveyard, Birmingham City Centre

Park Street graveyard is a weird little place. 

Behind Moor Street station, next to a busy one way road, near to the railway lines, near Digbeth, near the Eastside development. It is currently just a patch of green in the middle of industrial urban-ness, but there are still some headstones present – some tucked away in the undergrowth, others quite prominent.

When I first came across this a few years ago, I initially thought it was a cholera graveyard, as it is some way out of the main city area. However, some quick internetting told me otherwise – it is actually an overspill graveyard for St Martins (in the Bullring).

I decided to feature this on the blog as it may soon be gone – HS2 will be built over it.

This is very much used as a recreational area, but please respect it for what it is - a resting place. More pics.


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